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Over the years we have held trucking, insurance, utility and other major companies financially responsible for the harm caused to our clients. In the process, we have compelled changes to their procedures and operations, improving the safety of other Floridians.






Our Practice Areas

We have years of experience and have recovered millions of dollars in settlements for clients, and we will guide you every step of the way through the personal injury claim process.

  • Personal Injury

    When an injury occurs that is the fault of another; you have a legal right to compensation. Slip and falls, dog bites, car accidents, product liability, medical malpractice, and workplace accidents are just some of the instances where you can suffer a personal injury that is the fault of another.

    A personal injury lawyer can fight for a settlement that helps to pay for your medical bills and lost wages from work. You do not have to suffer alone after a personal injury accident. A personal injury lawyer can help get you the compensation you deserve after an accident that was caused by another’s negligence.

  • Car Accidents

    Car accidents can happen in an instant. You can be injured severely and most certainly will have property damage to your vehicle. When a car accident is caused by another driver’s negligence, you have a right to compensation for your injuries and vehicle damages. Your car accident attorney will fight for your right to compensation and help you recover financially from your losses.

    Car accidents caused by driver error, drinking and driving, distracted driving, fatigued driving, speeding, tailgating, and reckless driving are the fault of another driver. You do deserve a settlement that helps to pay for your medical bills and lost wages from work. A car accident lawyer will take your case and help you recover damages after a car crash.

  • Workers' Compensation

    When an accident happens on the job, it can result in injuries that are not your fault. Faulty equipment, poor company policies or even improper procedures can cause a workplace accident where you are severely injured. A worker’s compensation lawyer can fight for you right to worker’s comp benefits after a workplace accident injures you.

    You do deserve worker’s comp benefits to help you cover your injuries and lost wages while you recover from the accident. A worker’s comp attorney can fight a denial of benefits or an employer that is denying you compensation. Your worker’s compensation attorney will fight for you and help you get the benefits you are entitled to after a workplace accident.

  • Wrongful Death

    When a loved one is killed in an accident that is not their fault, it is a devastating turn of events. There is no warning, and they are senselessly taken from your life. You need the help of a wrongful death attorney to fight for the rights of your deceased family member.

    Your wrongful death attorney can get a settlement after an accident claims the life of your loved one. They will fight for their legal rights and help you financially recover from losing a family member that contributed to your family. Wrongful death cases are fightable, and a wrongful death lawyer can help you get the compensation your family deserves after losing a loved one. Let your wrongful death attorney fight on behalf of your family member and help you move forward from your loss.

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"Robert Gonzalez has been my personal attorney for years. He is always willing to go the extra mile and give me the necessary advice that I need. Whether it’s a business deal or a severe injury. He’s your guy! Honestly it’s hard to come by with attorneys, but Robert will give it to you straight. He tells you the good, the bad and the ugly."

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