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Personal injury is a term that refers to an injury to a body, mind or emotions. A typical example is a car driver failing to exercise reasonable care and causing an injury to a pedestrian. Another example is when a shopper slips and falls on a supermarket floor because there was no warning sign. Personal injury law provides solutions for victims of the harmful acts of the sort, intentional or accidental. Such acts can have a serious adverse impact on a person, both physical and mental. To add the stress of a legal dispute to that is not something anybody should go through. Which is why our personal injury attorneys are here to help you. It is a job of a West Palm Beach personal injury lawyer at Gonzalez Levenson to ensure that you get the compensation you are entitled to.

Although “personal injury” is something most people have heard about, there are many types of it, and different laws govern each one. It is quite a complex field to navigate. West Palm Beach personal injury attorneys have a proven history of doing just that on our clients’ behalf.

Florida’s applicable laws impose certain caps on damages and limits on compensation that you are awarded. Insurance firms, employers and claims adjusters take advantage of that and do their best to limit the amount due to you. In addition, Florida is a no-fault state which makes it even more challenging to have a claim go through successfully. It is the job of our personal injury lawyers of West Palm Beach, FL, to make sure you receive what you deserve. Whether you are hoping to recover medical costs, disability benefits, or pain and suffering, we are here for you. Zealous representation of our clients’ interests is at the heart of what we do.

Types of Injury Cases We Handle

Each personal injury attorney in West Palm Beach, FL, has extensive experience dealing with the laws of the state in different instances. Whether you were in a car or motorcycle accident, are hoping to get compensation for a wrongful death, or have another problem, we can help.

There is no such thing as a typical West Palm Beach personal injury lawyer of Gonzalez Levenson. We come from different backgrounds and bring different experiences to the table. However, all of us have something in common. Firstly, every West Palm Beach personal injury attorney working for our firm places their clients’ interests as a priority in all case. Secondly, we combine our knowledge of the law with our personal experiences and apply it in each instance. Thirdly, we respond promptly to each enquiry because we understand the importance of a deadline in personal injury cases. And finally, we work on a contingency basis. That means that we do not charge you anything unless and until we win and get you your compensation. The first consultation is free either way.

Gonzalez Levenson’s Personal injury attorneys of West Palm Beach, FL, work with a broad range of claims. Keep reading to find out the types of cases we can help you with.

Car Accidents 

Car accidents are one of the most common cause of personal injury, and one of the most difficult to get over. Hiring a West Palm Beach personal injury attorney from Gonzalez Levenson’s team would mean that you receive the attention you deserve. Every member of the Florida auto accident lawyer team is dedicated to providing the best level of client care. The attorneys’ vast experience and client-centered approach would help you recover what is due to you because of the accident. You deserve to recover in peace while our team at Gonzalez Levenson takes care of all the legal battles.

Truck Accidents

Truck accidents take the lives and injure thousands of US citizens every year. The laws governing them differ from those related to car accidents. If you had had a truck accident, contact a personal injury lawyer of West Palm Beach, FL, from our team. Each Florida truck accident lawyer at Gonzalez Levenson has dealt with the complexities of truck accidents and is proficient at navigating both federal and state regulations. They have a proven track record of recovering millions of dollars in claims and settlements. West Palm Beach personal injury lawyers are here to protect your rights.

Motorcycle Accidents

Florida was a leader in motorcycle accident deaths some years ago. This devastating trend is the reason why every personal injury lawyer in West Palm Beach from our team is dedicated to representing each victim’s best interests. They understand the Florida-specific nuances of obtaining compensation for property damage, medical bills and pain and suffering. Contact our Florida motorcycle accident attorneys in West Palm Beach, FL to make sure you understand all your options. Gonzalez Levenson’s lawyers take a personalized approach in each case and the sooner you contact them, the higher your chances of receiving full compensation.

Bus Accidents

Although buses are relatively safe vehicles, they are not immune to accidents. The risks that accompany them are unique and differ from cars and motorcycles. If you were involved in such accident, whether as passenger or driver, the Florida bus accident lawyers from Gonzalez Levenson can help you. They have a lot of experience dealing with the related risks and navigating the complex claims procedures. They are also very familiar with each relevant statute of limitation of Florida. While you invest your time in recovery, our personal injury lawyers in West Palm Beach will do their best to get your compensation.

Workers Compensation

A workplace injury can happen to anyone – a chef, an architect, and even an office worker. When an employer or an insurance company isn’t on your side in such cases, a personal injury attorney is the way forward. Gonzalez Levenson lawyers have a lot of experience with recovering disability benefits, medical care benefits and other types of compensation. They have dealt with many cases and know the Florida applicable regulations from front to back. For more information about how we can help you with your claim, contact a Florida workers comp lawyer for a free consultation.

Wrongful Death

The Florida Wrongful Death Act is one of many statutes on wrongful deaths in the USA. Under it, one can file a claim when they suffered from someone else’s “wrongful act, negligence, default or breach of contract or warranty”. The person filing a claim must be a representative of the late victim. If you are that person, contact our firm’s Florida wrongful death lawyer in West Palm Beach, FL, to figure out the details. We can help you increase your chances of winning the claim with our experience and personalized approach. Our attorneys are dedicated to support you in recovering fair compensation.

Slip and Fall

Over a million people visit the ER every year in Florida due to some kind of slip and fall injuries. Dangerous conditions that cause them can occur anywhere. Such injuries can be very serious, but they are also easily preventable by a person in charge. Proving that, however, can be very tricky without the support of a Florida slip and fall lawyer. Gonzalez Levenson personal injury attorneys in West Palm Beach have a strong grasp of the law and would be happy to support you. Contact them now to increase your chances of getting fair compensation.

Premises Liability

A trip and fall, or a slip and fall, can be embarrassing but it can also lead to some physical injuries. In Florida, this is when a personal injury case arises under the premises liability law. A dedicated team of Florida premises liability attorneys in West Palm Beach, FL, can help you with such a case. The premises liability law includes some very complex elements of classification and conditions, which are quite difficult to navigate. Contact our West Palm Beach personal injury attorney to make sure you recover your compensation and have the chance to recover yourself.

Contact a Personal Injury Lawyer in West Palm Beach at Gonzales Levenson Today

The first consultation of a West Palm Beach personal injury attorney is free. For the best possible services, please make sure to get in touch as soon after your accident as possible. Florida has statutes of limitation in place for most personal injury claims. Those are the deadlines to file a claim. For example, the deadline for a wrongful death claim is 2 years. For most of the other personal injury claims, it is 4 years. That seems like a long time, but it is important for a personal injury attorney to get started on a case right away.

Every West Palm Beach personal injury lawyer would recommend that you also do a bit of evidence gathering at the start. If, for instance, you are in a car accident, make sure that there is a police report and take photos of the scene. It goes without saying that prompt medical assistance is also a must. Medical reports would be integral to any claim. If you were in a slip and fall accident, do not hesitate to contact a building manager to get an accident report. Such pieces of evidence are often crucial for our work.

Most cases take a lot of time, but our West Palm Beach personal injury lawyers would use that time very efficiently. This time can involve reviewing evidence, conducting negotiations with the insurance companies, fighting for your rights in court, and other activities. Before our attorneys take any action, they will inform you of all the legal options available to you and advise on the best one. That consultation is free of charge and we are available to help 24/7.

If you choose the personal injury lawyers of West Palm Beach, FL, we guarantee our best efforts to get the compensation you deserve. A Gonzalez Levenson personal injury lawyer is someone who makes it their mission to secure justice for each client. Call our office today to schedule your risk-free consultation and get the compensation you deserve fast.

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