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Time is the currency of your life. It is the most precious thing you have. You and you alone get to choose how you spend it and how you use it to support your family and enjoy your life. Apathy, negligence, and recklessness rob you and your family of your most precious gift and cheat you from enjoying and spending your time the way you want.

Gonzalez Levenson 's mission is to help try to restore what was taken from you. None of us wants to make something out of nothing but we cannot allow big corporations to make nothing out of something. The entire Gonzalez Levenson Law family feels privileged to be here to help you and your family. You are not our clients. You are our people and we welcome you into our family.

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About Me

Born and raised in West Palm Beach, Florida, Bobby Gonzalez was familiar with the automotive collision repair industry from a young age. His father and grandfather have been in the collision industry for over 37 years. As such, Bobby learned at an early age just how devastating an automobile collision can be for an individual and a family. From early on, he decided to devote his career to helping people who had been injured in serious collisions.

Bobby dedicates his practice to representing clients with many different types of injuries. He is passionate about understanding and explaining collision forces and their correlation to injuries sustained as a result of those forces. Bobby went to Florida International University’s R. Kirk Landon Undergraduate School of Business in Miami, Florida for his undergraduate degree. He earned a Bachelors degree in Business Administration in International Business with an additional focus in Marketing. From there, he attended the Nova Southeastern University’s Shepard Broad School of Law. While there, he earned several “CALI Book Awards.” Most notably, in tort law, the law governing injuries, Bobby earned the highest grade in the course. In addition, he was named to the Dean’s List multiple times and was given various other academic awards by professors and school administrators.

While in law school, Bobby clerked for in-house corporate counsel for Fortune 500 company, Jarden Consumer Solutions. He was involved with the Cuban American Bar Association (CABA), the Hispanic Law Students Association, WLAW Radio as the Chief Executive Producer, Host and Radio Personality, Phi Alpha Delta Legal Fraternity, the Tort Law Society and the Student Chapter of the Dive Bar. Upon graduation, Bobby was chosen to speak on behalf of the graduating class.

Bobby is currently an active member in good standing of the Florida Bar Association. In addition, he serves as a current board member on the Palm Beach County Hispanic Bar Association. He devotes of the majority his practice to personal injury, especially focusing on those who were injured in car accidents. He has also taken many pro bono immigration, criminal law and family law cases. His other areas of expertise include maritime law, real estate law, business law and commercial disputes. He stays involved with the local community through the Rotary Club and is also involved in local politics. Lastly, Bobby believes that educating and empowering young people of the world is crucial to ensuring that they become productive and happy citizens.

  • Nova Southeastern University Shepard Broad School of Law, J.D.
  • Florida International University
  • Florida Bar Association
  • Palm Beach County Hispanic Bar Association
  • Florida Bar Young Lawyers.
Managing Partner


About Me

Lee Levenson is a native of the Delray Beach/Boynton Beach, Florida. Lee’s Sicilian grandparents and family began moving to Delray Beach in the 1940’s and 50’s. The Guarneiri family was very close and Lee’s pregnant mother was in Delray months before he was born, thus Lee feels he’s a native. However, by happenstance Lee was born in Oceanside, New York as his father, a pilot was based in New York. Before Lee’s birth, his parents split time between New York and Florida, but when Lee was a young child his family chose, for family reasons, to stay full time near Lee’s grandmother in Delray Beach, Florida. Lee’s spent much of his time with his grandmother, Emma Guarneiri through his formative years. They fished in the Atlantic off the Two Georges and spent long days on the, then empty beaches of Delray. Emma was Lee’s mentor in many ways and Lee’s nickname was “Grandma’s boy”. Emma worked at Bethesda Hospital for decades, retiring well into her 80’s. After work, Lee would watch Perry Mason with her. From a very young age, Lee wanted to be a trial lawyer. Lee excelled in his studies and eventually graduated from the University of South Florida and Western Michigan State University Law School with not only a juris doctor (as The Distinguished Student) but an advanced law degree in complex litigation and intellectual property law (Summa Cum Laude). Lee completed law school in 2 years and for the first four and a half years of his career served those who did not have funds to hire a lawyer for the state of Michigan and Florida in the capacity of public defender. After a very brief one year stint defending insurance companies, Lee went to work for the people and has been blessed to be mentored by two of the greatest trial lawyers in the country. Lee is known for working long hours, weekends, holidays but he does not consider it work. He considers it a privilege. Lee has a passion for fighting against oppression and standing up for the human rights of people injured by negligence, recklessness and carelessness. If you could sum up Lee’s feelings about his career and his vocation as a trial lawyer it would be: grateful. In Lee’s words: “I have wanted to be a trial lawyer since I was about 5. I carried a brief case to kindergarten. It had crayons in it then…but I knew what it represented – going to court and fighting for what’s right… it’s just what I have always wanted to do and I am so grateful and blessed to be doing it and I hope I can do it to my dying day…”

  • Undergraduate: BS Computer Science;
  • BA Experimental Psychology
  • LLM: ABA Certified Advanced Program Intellectual Property and Complex Litigation
  • Juris Doctor – Distinguished Student of the Florida Bar

Lee has litigated and tried a very wide variety of cases over the last 25 years, including Civil, Personal Injury, Commercial, Intellectual Property, Technology and Criminal Trials both in Federal and State Courts. Lee has secured tens of millions of dollars in verdicts, judgments and settlements for clients over the course of his career. “I don’t call “clients”, “clients”. People who I have the privilege and honor to represent are “my people”, and I will work day and night, weekends and holidays, to do something special for each of my people. My cell phone number is: 561.523.2118. You can call me anytime… I mean it.”

Managing Partner


About Me

Ms. Reynolds was born and raised in Florida and grew up in West Palm Beach.  She attended Florida State University in 1981 and received a BA in English Literature With Honors.  She also attended Florida State University School of Law where she received the Book Award in Private Labor Law and graduated in 2 1/2 years With Honors.  She was admitted to the Florida Bar in April 1989. During her second (2nd) year she was recruited by the law firm of Ruden, McCloskey, Smith, Schuster & Russel to join their litigation department  During her tenure there, she practiced complex Commercial, Securities, and Insurance Defense litigation.  Thereafter she joined Rumberger, Kirk & Caldwell and defended insurance companies in negligence, product liability, and premises liability litigation in State and Federal courts. With knowledge from the defense perspective, she joined Ratiner &Glinn, P.A. specializing in Plaintiff's personal injury.  Her case load consisted of complex product liability, mass tort, wrongful death, disfigurement, and automobile accidents from inception through trial and appeal.  When she returned to West palm Beach, she joined the law firm of Steinger Iscoe and Greene, P.A. where she handled litigation and pre-litigation matters.  Her cases consisted of personal injury matters including car accidents, slip and falls, premises liability, and negligent hiring and supervision, from inception through resolution.  She had a 100 % resolution with compensation success rate. Recently, Ms. Reynolds was in solo practice handling civil and personal injury litigation matters including traumatic brain injury cases.  She is passionate about the law and preserving and protecting Plaintiffs' rights.  She is strong advocate for children's safety and served as a Guardian ad Litem in Dade and Palm Beach counties.

  • Florida State University School of Law
  • Florida Bar Association

Florida Personal Injury Attorneys

We Aggressively Pursue The Best Possible Outcome

We believe that injuries big and small can have an enormous impact on people’s lives, and understand that getting back on track can be an overwhelming challenge. At Gonzalez Levenson, we pride ourselves on taking those legal challenges head on, and getting you the resources you need so you are ready and prepared for the next step of your life.

While we have represented thousands of injured Floridians, our team of compassionate personal injury attorneys never treat you like a number. We know your story is unlike any other, and that your injuries and circumstances are unique. Our approach is to prepare our legal case and strategy designed specifically around you. We tell the story of you – your experiences, your challenges and your future.

We are passionate about fighting for justice for injuredFloridians. During our practice, we have held countless trucking, insurance, utility and other major companies financially responsible for the harm caused to our clients. In the process, we have compelled changes to their procedures and operations, improving the safety of otherFloridians.

Gonzalez Levenson practices personal injury exclusively meaning we represent only those cases where your injuries are the result of the negligent or reckless acts of others. We aggressively pursue the best possible outcome, working on a contingency-fee basis which means you don’t pay unless we win your case.

What do our clients have to say about us?

"Gonzalez Levenson is one of the best law firms around! Bobby is an awesome guy who genuinely has your best interest at heart! It is so great to be able to pick up the phone at anytime and call the attorney that is handling my case! He makes himself available for any questions or concerns and explains everything fully!"

David M.

"I’ll keep it short. The team at Gonzalez Levenson really helped me through a tough time after I got myself. They educated me on the process and gave me the knowledge to make an important decision in my case. It all worked out and they got me paid."

Cristofer C.

"Robert Gonzalez has been my personal attorney for years. He is always willing to go the extra mile and give me the necessary advice that I need. Whether it’s a business deal or a severe injury. He’s your guy! Honestly it’s hard to come by with attorneys, but Robert will give it to you straight. He tells you the good, the bad and the ugly."

Brandon G.