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If you were injured at the hands of another person, you probably want to seek damages. Whether the injury was due to carelessness or an intentional action, you’ll want your medical bills paid. Without legal training, you won’t know how to seek compensation or even prove the person was responsible. That’s where a personal injury lawyer in Port St Lucie will prove invaluable.

Personal injury law allows you to go to civil court and get damages for any losses you suffered. The aim is for you to be “made whole”. Your lawyer will help you to build a strong case, so you get the compensation you deserve. This includes not just medical bills but lost wages, emotional distress, and loss of enjoyment.

A personal injury attorney in Port St Lucie will represent clients injured in a variety of situations. These include:

  • Accidents. Personal injury laws apply when someone acts negligently and it causes harm to someone else. This may be in a vehicular accident, slip and fall or workplace injury.

  • Intentional harm. You can also seek the services of a personal injury lawyer if someone deliberately harmed you. Assault and battery are examples of this.

  • Defective products. A person can be held liable for injuries even in the absence of negligent or intentional acts. They may be responsible for the creation, distribution or sale of a defective product.

Even though each case is different, most personal injury cases follow the same basic steps.

1. The defendant does something which harms the plaintiff.

2. The plaintiff establishes that the defendant had a legal duty towards them. This varies depending on the situation. For example, drivers have a duty to exhibit a level of care on the road. Property owners have a duty to ensure the safety of their premises. Employers have a duty to provide safe workplaces.

3. The parties discuss a settlement. If the defendant admits liability, they may want to settle the matter out of court. If so, they would make an offer of compensation to the plaintiff. A Port St Lucie personal injury lawyer will advise their client on whether to accept the settlement offer or not. If the plaintiff accepts, the case ends. If the parties can’t settle on an amount, the plaintiff can file a personal injury lawsuit. Settlement negotiations can continue while the court case is ongoing.

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Types of Injury Cases We Handle

At Gonzalez Levenson, our skilled attorneys are here to help you navigate life’s traumatic moments. We know that personal injuries can send your life into a tailspin and impact your family. While we can’t change what happened, we can provide you will the legal representation you need in Port St Lucie. We can fight for compensation on your behalf so you can begin to put your life back together. We are skilled negotiators, but we also know how to battle in the courtroom.

As noted above, personal injury cases all tend to follow the same process. Our years of experience in handling various types of cases means we know the developments which are likely to occur. We know the law and the relevant courtroom procedures and customs. We also know how the defendant is likely to react when you make a claim for compensation.

At the same time, we are sensitive to your needs and concerns. We know you may be in pain and more than a little confused. When we take you on as a client, you benefit from both our vast experience and our compassion. Let’s look at some of the cases which we handle.

Car Accidents                                                      

Car accidents often result in injury to drivers, passengers, and pedestrians. If you’ve been hurt because of a driver’s negligence, you’ll likely want to seek compensation. However, you need to build a solid case to prove the other driver was at fault. If they were completely at fault, their insurer will have to pay you all the damages necessary.

However, if you also contributed to the accident, the pure comparative fault rule will come into play. This means your damages will be reduced by a percentage equivalent to your share of fault. The other driver’s insurance company will, therefore, seek to cast as much of the blame on you as possible. You will need a Florida car accident attorney to help you build a strong case. 

Truck Accidents

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Large trucks are a key part of the national and local economy. However, they can be extremely dangerous when they are driven by a careless or inexperienced driver. They can also cause serious accidents if they are not properly maintained. Since a tractor-trailer or big rig is so much larger and heavier than the average car, the damage is often catastrophic. if you’ve been fortunate enough to survive a collision with a truck, your injuries may be severe. A Port St Lucie truck accident lawyer is well placed to represent you and fight for the best possible compensation package.

Motorcycle Accidents

Motorcyclists are particularly vulnerable on Florida’s roads. In 2017, St Lucie County recorded 119 motorcycle crashes resulting in 93 injuries and 4 fatalities. This is not surprising since there is little to protect a motorcyclist from larger vehicles.

Motorists tend not to be on the lookout for motorcyclists even though they have just as much right to be on the road. Drivers may also fail to anticipate their movements or be so distracted that they don’t see them. The damages awarded to motorcyclists can be substantial since their injuries are often severe. To ensure the best outcome, you need a motorcycle accident attorney on your side.

Bus Accidents

When buses get involved in crashes, many lives can be at risk. Buses carry large numbers of passengers who are not typically wearing seatbelts. However, people in the other vehicle(s) can also be seriously injured.  This is because buses are much heavier than cars and they can cause lots of damage. Whether you were a passenger on the bus, a passenger in another vehicle or a pedestrian, you deserve compensation. Working with a bus accident attorney is essential.

Workers’ Compensation

Most categories of employers in Florida are required to purchase workers’ compensation insurance for employees. This allows workers to get compensation for job-related injuries regardless of who was at fault. Some of the medical expenses which are covered include doctor’s visits, medical tests, medication, and physical therapy. Workers may also be entitled to compensation for lost wages if they become temporarily or permanently disabled.

Unfortunately, the workers’ compensation process can often be time-consuming and frustrating. Sometimes employers and their insurance companies deny liability or refuse to pay the full amount of benefits. They may even allege that the worker is exaggerating or that they got their injuries elsewhere. When this happens, you need the assistance of a Port St Lucie workers compensation attorney.

Wrongful Death

If you lost a loved one due to someone else’s negligence, you may be able to get compensation. Wrongful death lawsuits can stem from any incident which would have led to a personal injury lawsuit if the person lived. The death may be due to a car accident, assault, workplace injury or any other situation. Under Florida’s laws, you must be a spouse, child, parent, dependent or personal representative to bring a wrongful death claim. There are several steps involved in filing a wrongful death lawsuit and it’s not something you can handle on your own.

Slip and Fall

Slip and fall accidents can occur almost anywhere. In most cases, they are settled out of court but you will still need an attorney’s assistance. Even if you think your case is clear cut, the defendant will try to deny liability. They may argue that:

  • You ventured into an area which was off limits
  • You weren’t looking to see where you were going
  • You weren’t wearing appropriate footwear
  • You should have realized the conditions were dangerous

If you are found to be partially at fault for your slip and fall, your compensation will be reduced.

Premises Liability

A beware of dog sign is displayed on a picket fence, overlooking a well groomed back yard, limiting the owners premise liability.
If you were injured on someone else's property, you may have a claim for compensation!

Property owners have a duty to make their properties safe for visitors. If you are injured on someone’s property, you can, therefore, bring a lawsuit against the owner. Premises liability law applies to business owners, homeowners, and property managers of large complexes like malls and hotels. Tenants leasing rental properties can also be held liable for injuries. However, you will need to prove that the defendant knew or should have known about the dangerous conditions. You will also need to prove that they failed to correct the problem or give adequate warning.


Contact a Personal Injury Lawyer in Port St Lucie at Gonzalez Levenson Today.

After you’ve been hurt – whether accidentally or on purpose – you may not know what to do.  You will be in physical pain and depending on the nature of your injuries, you may out of work for some time. Losing out on wages may also add to your misery even as you try to recover. This is a lot for anyone to handle. If you want to seek compensation, you will need to go through a confusing legal process. To ease some of the burden, contact the experienced attorneys at  Gonzalez Levenson.

We can help you get the compensation you deserve at this trying time. We will take care of all the legal requirements while you focus on returning to full health. The compensation you receive will help to offset your medical bills, lost wages and even emotional distress. Depending on the nature of the incident which caused your injury, you may also get punitive damages.

It is in your best interest to contact our law office as soon as possible after you get injured. The statute of limitations allows four years for filing a personal injury claim. While this may seem like a long time, it can pass quite quickly. You’ll get the best results if you give us lots of time to work on your case but we can help you at any stage.  To schedule a consultation, contact our personal injury attorneys in Port St Lucie at (800)800-6500. We are ready to assist you.

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