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The decision to hire an attorney is not an easy one. You may spend hours combing through personal injury websites only to realize that they all blend together and your decision has only become more difficult. At Gonzalez Levenson, we understand that you are going through a tough time dealing with your injuries and damages caused by negligence, the last thing you want to spend your day doing is searching for the right attorney.

To help clients combat this hardship, we work hard to stand out, creating an environment where each of our clients feels like family. “You may find a lawyer who has a better education or more experience, but we believe that heart matters more than that,” says Lee Levenson. “You won’t ever get a lawyer that will work as hard for you or care so much about you and your case than we will.”

The hard truth is that a lot of lawyers get jaded in the business and work towards a goal that centers around money rather than the individual. Both Bobby Gonzalez and Lee have been on the other side of the desk before and have had to hire an attorney, giving them firsthand experience into the importance of putting clients first. Bobby and Lee have a strong family background, which inspires them to take extra time with each of their clients and to truly understand their struggle.

A recent case demonstrates Bobby and Lee’s passion and dedication to their clients. A local woman had a toe fracture, but no local attorney wanted to take her case because she was 89-years-old. After Lee visited her house and realized that she lived on a second floor condo with no elevator. Lee personally walked from her car to the front door and counted the steps that it took her every time she left her condo. He immediately took her case and fought hard to help her recover from her injury. The case went to state court then to federal court and eventually, Lee was able to get the insurance company to pay her $1,000 for each step of pain she had to take daily. It was that personal connection he created that aided in his fight and prevented him from giving up on a woman who truly needed a supporter on her side.

In addition to the personal connections they create with their clients, Lee and Bobby both have strong local ties to their community and believe that each case they win not only helps the individual but the area as a whole. “We both live in close-knit areas in South Florida, people know our families and that makes a difference in the courts,” says Lee. “We both want our own communities to continue to grow and become even more beautiful places to live.” To help ensure this happens, they work to hold people accountable for not keeping their areas safe and to help local victims get back on their feet so they can continue to work and live in the South Florida towns and cities they call home. “If people are not held accountable for playing on their phone and hitting a child on his bike or keeping their premises safe, our neighbors will not be able to enjoy the beauty of where they live,” says Lee. “We’d love to see Boynton Beach, Lake Worth and surrounding areas become one of the safest places in the world where our kids and grandkids don’t have to worry about some of the things we face today.”

Whether you were in a car accident, a victim of a defective product or were injured due to the negligence of someone else, the attorneys at Gonzalez Levenson know what it takes to get you what you deserve as you recover from your damages. Give us a call today at 800-800-6500 to learn more about how we can help you.

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